Combining business savvy with
creative flair
Launches her fashion brand
‘dE ROSAIRO’ in the USA

Global citizen Nishika de Rosairo is a Sri Lankan who’s on the cusp of making it big stateside. Armed with three business degrees and almost a decade working for Fortune 500 companies, Nishika swapped the life in Silicon Valley to realise a childhood ambition as a fashion designer. Bicoastal between San Francisco and New York, Nishika is blazing a trail with her cutting edge fashion. Inspired by the hoodie, Nishika’s latest Fall/Winter Collection pays homage to this iconic symbol of American culture.

Hi!! Legend
Author of ‘Village in the Jungle’
Civil servant and chronicler of his life in Ceylon

In the West, Leonard Woolf, civil servant and author is known primarily as the husband of Virginia Woolf, one of the greatest writers to emerge in the twentieth century. However in Sri Lanka Leonard Woolf holds an affectionate place in the hearts of many Sri Lankans as the author of ‘Village in the Jungle’, a book chronicling village life and considered as a sociological description of south-east Ceylon in the early 1900’s. Village in the Jungle represents a shift in twentieth century consciousness as it shines a light of intelligent sympathy on the desperately poor villagers.