British Sri Lankan,
Futuristic Fashion Designer - Shara Hayz

Shara Hayz is a young British Sri Lankan who is carving a niche as a fashion designer of quirky stage clothes for music artistes. Influenced by her Sri Lankan mother’s artistic streak, Shara took to fashion design from a young age. A graduate from the London College of Fashion, Shara’s signature style involves leather jackets, lycra body suits, bold digital prints and bodycon dresses which incorporates heavy embellishments and even the use of LED electronics integrated into the outfits.

Hi!! Legend
Founder and Member of Iconic Australian Band ‘The Seekers’ - Keith Potger

Keith Potger, to those of a certain generation remains an icon in the music industry. A founding member of the Australian band The Seekers, Keith was born in Ceylon as it was called then to Sri Lankan parents. At the age of seven Keith, left Sri Lanka along with his parents to Australia like countless others at the time in search of greener pastures. Influenced by his father very early on life Keith started playing the guitar.

Otara at 50!
Otara is somewhat of an idol of mine so natu 0rally; I am really excited to be meeting her for this interview. I park under a nearby tree, opposite an imposing black gate, guarded either side by two jaguar statues. An unassuming security guard meets me and shows me in, but first I must meet the approval of Otara’s adopted family of former street dogs – the rags to riches fairytale of the animal world.