Roshani Motha
British - Sri Lankan swimmer and aspiring model

Lissome, lythe limbed and beautiful, Brit - Sri Lankan Roshani Motha is making a splash in the pool as a swimmer of repute. Representing the University of Birmingham and the City of Oxford Swimming Club, 18 year old Roshani has won numerous swimming accolades along the way.

Hi!! Legend
Internationally Renowned Poet
Anne Ranasinghe
Chronicling life through tragedy and triumph

Anne Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka’s most famous Jewish resident is one of the respected poets of contemporary Sri Lanka. Her ability to encompass events and life experiences and convey that in poetry and prose with great clarity, insight and artistic control demonstrates her fine talent as a writer. Born Anneliese Katz, her father had the foresight to send her to England in 1939, when she was 13 years old to escape from the rising tide of Nazi terror. A Jewish survivor of the horrors of Nazi Germany, Anne has faced great tragedy in her life.