Cover Story
Founder of Soul FOOD
Ina Wehleit Perera

Visit the Good Market in Colombo on a Saturday morning and amidst the many cosmopolitan dwellers working their way through the stalls in search of all things healthy, wholesome, organic and ethical, you will find stunningly beautiful Ina Wehleit Perera manning her Soul FOOD stall. Highly sought after in the modelling industry in Sri Lanka, elfin faced Ina, of mixed Sri Lankan and German parentage, has graced many a catwalk.

Edward Henry Pedris
National Hero who awakened a nation and died at the hands of the British
July 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the brutal execution of Edward Henry Pedris. 27 years old at the time of his death, Edward Henry Pedris’ death at the hands of the British was one of the most tragic events recorded during the tenure of the British. Records indicate that Pedris’ blood soaked chair he sat on during his execution was left in the Welikada Prison as a deterrent to others who may connive against the British, but in fact it had the opposite effect as it prompted his contemporaries to begin their struggle for independence from the British.