Cover Story
Doctor, jewellery designer and socialite
Iroshini Chua
Society Travel Correspondent for Singapore Tatler

An ethereal beauty emanating from her, Dr. Iroshini Chua nee Gunawardena is as exquisitely beautiful as the jewellery she creates. Although in appearance
Dr Iroshini possesses an air of fragility and vulnerability, she is at the core an iron lady juggling a multitude of demanding roles as a doctor, jewellery designer, mother, wife, travel writer and socialite. Hailing from a family of respected gemologists in Sri Lanka, Dr Iroshini studied at Visakha Vidyalaya and Colombo International School before heading off to Ireland where she qualified as a doctor.

Legend polymath
Dr. R.L Spittel
Respected surgeon,author and friend to the Veddhas of Ceylon

One of Sri Lanka’s most erudite medical professionals Dr. Richard Lionel Spittel CMG, CBE, FRCS was a well known Ceylonese Burgher physician and author. A keen and accurate observer he was considered a foremost expert on the veddah community of Ceylon. A prolific writer, his journals, letters and published narratives provide observations on the life of the veddhas. Spittel’s first hand accounts compiled over forty years spans three generations of veddah life and contain a wealth of information with regard to the origins and the subsequent disappearance of some tribes within the veddah community.