Cover Story
Savouring the sweet smell of success
Ermila Jayasuriya
Founder of award winning British company ‘Winter in Venice’

A sharp business acumen and hunger to succeed set the course for British
Sri Lankan Ermila Jayasuriya to reach the zenith of her entrepreneurial journey. Thirty five year old Ermila has spent the last twenty years of her life working, eleven of them in learning that she could not work for anyone else and nine in running her own business Winter in Venice. A light bulb moment saw Ermila decide to set up a company creating a range of beautifully and imaginatively packaged toiletries and gifts which now enjoy a £1,000,000 turnover each year. Winning awards for her entrepreneurial skills, Ermila is enjoying the fruits of her labour.

Legend Statesman
Diplomat extraordinaire
Lakshmanan Kadirgamar
International Statesman and Pride of Sri Lanka

Hailed as one of the most important personalities in contemporary Sri Lanka, Lakshmanan Kadirgamar was considered a true son of the soil. A lawyer, diplomat and politician, Kadirgamar was considered as the finest Foreign Minister Sri Lanka ever had. His successful efforts of changing international opinion on Sri Lanka and the LTTE and getting the LTTE listed as a terrorist organisation contributed to its ultimate defeat in 2009. Lakshmanan Kadirgamar’s recognition that significant change was needed within Sri Lanka if all its communities were to co-exist in peace was an enduring part of his legacy.
A Tamil and a Christian, he came to be regarded as a renegade by the zealots of the LTTE . However with impeccable logic, he pointed out that the Tamils are not arranged tidily, but are intermingled with Sinhalese, Muslims and others on the map of Sri Lanka - so the attempt to set up a separatist state by force is a threat to them as much as to the other communities.